Lockdown Podcasts

During this time of lockdown we are posting various items to our website. There are other things on this site that you may be interested in, such as sermons and resources for a devotional time. I've added links to these below.

Vigil for Pentecost. Click HERE

Join with us daily to plead with God for the outpouring of his Spirit on our lives, our church, community, nation and world. This is a series of meditations with prayer over the season of Pentecost which begins with Ascension Day on the 21st May.

Sunday Worship. Click HERE.                                                                                                              

Shortened Sunday services, using the Anglican form of said Morning Prayer as a structure to worship.

Why Should I Follow Jesus? Click HERE.

A series of short messages designed to get you to change your mind and direction in life and go with Jesus on the way he wants to take you. 

Daily Morning Devotions. Click HERE.

A short time of devotion to help you get into a routine devotional time.

Easter Meditations. Click HERE.

For nine days, starting with the Saturday when Jesus was at Bethany, until the Sunday of Easter Day, plus an extra meditation by Richard on Good Friday. We will keep these meditations up here until Pentecost.

Sermon selection: Click HERE.

For more recent sermons: Click HERE.

Helps for a regular devotional time: Click HERE.

How can I become a Christian? Click HERE.