Prayer, defined simply, is talking to God. 

Prayer may take many forms. It may praise and adore God, and it may thank him. It may plead with him and confess to him. It may also (as the Apostle Paul states in the 8th chapter of Romans) be a 'groaning' in which words fail us. But usually, it entails making some form of request.

What is common to all forms of prayer is communication with God. 

Our times of prayer may include meditating on God and reflecting on him, but prayer is itself always directed, and it is directed towards God. God is always the conscious object of our prayers. 

Prayer may be silent, but it is never vacant. If we wait on God in silence, then we are waiting on God, not praying. And if we wait on God in prayer, then we are waiting on God as part of our prayer. What is more true waiting on God is an expectant looking to God having expended our words. 

Prayer at St Wilfrid's

At St Wilfrid's, general matters for prayer, such as prayer for personal needs, and for the various missions we support, is encouraged in Home Groups and during Sunday services.

There is also a 'prayer chain' and a 'prayer team': the latter being available during service times to pray with those seeking such direct ministry.

We encourage all members to create good habits of personal prayer (Click HERE for help with a morning devotional time), and there are a number of people who have prayer partners within the church, something we also see as very helpful and would like to recommend.

Other times of prayer include 'Mothers' Prayer' which takes place fortnightly.

Prayer Meetings open to all

Sunday afternoon Prayer Meetings

This takes place on Sunday afternoons at 4pm. Because the first Sunday of the month is Sunday@4 (our family event), we meet on those weekends on the Saturday instead. But it is the same time of 4pm

We pray for a variety of things but particularly that God would bless us and grant us more of his Spirit and cause us to be a blessing to this community of ours - especially that he would bring those who do not know Jesus to a saving knowledge of him.

Friday Morning Prayer Meetings

This is our early morning prayer gathering. We meet at 6.15am and people from other churches are welcome to join with us.  

The stated aim of this gathering is to pray for God to send revival both to this community; our nation; and to the entire world. 

These meetings will soon move to Tuesday mornings to make room for the Mission prayer meeting which we hope to start in 2023.

Future plans for prayer

Praying for Mission

It's our aim in 2023 to have a specific prayer gathering to pray for Home and World Mission.

Although folk will be encouraged to pray for their areas of concern and for world needs, the primary focus will be to pray for those individuals and organisations who are overtly seeking to share the gospel.

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