Prayer, at its most basic, is talking to God. But prayer may take many forms. The Apostle Paul wrote of 'groaning' in prayer in Romans chapter 8. And Jude in his short letter calls on Christians 'to pray in the Spirit'.

At St Wilfrid's, general prayer, such as prayer for personal needs, is encouraged in Home Groups. 

Also, we have specific gatherings for prayer (see below) and we encourage personal prayer (Click HERE for help with a morning devotional time), and, on occasions larger gatherings for prayer (often at other venues) will be advertised on this website and at St Wilfs.

Meeting for prayer

Sunday afternoon Prayer Meetings

This takes place on Sunday afternoons at 4pm; but when it's the first Saturday of the month it happens then instead (because Sunday@4 takes place on the first Sunday. 

We pray for a variety of things but particularly that God would bless us and grant us more of his Spirit, and cause us to be a blessing to this community of ours.

Friday Morning Prayer Meetings

This is our early morning prayer gathering for revival. We meet at 6.15, and we particularly invite people from other churches to join with us at this time.  

The stated aim of this gathering, is to pray for God to send revival both to this community; our nation; and to the entire world. 

Praying for Mission

It's our aim in future to have a specific prayer gathering to pray for the missions we support and (perhaps using Operation World) to pray round the world.

But as other mission prayer meetings are made known to us which take part in our locality, we will list them in this section.

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