Weekly Worship Services

Sunday Mornings

We meet on Sundays at 10.00 am for about an hour. Holy Communion is usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month. There is currently no provision for children or young people in the mornings outside of the main service - but see below.

Both morning and afternoon would be described as contemporary worship. But we tend to have more hymns in the morning than in the afternoon.

Sunday Afternoons (Sunday@4)

We meet every Sunday afternoon at 4.00 pm. On these afternoons we have what in Anglican terminology is called a Fresh Expressions event, which we call Sunday@4. This is a worship event (service) but is simpler in structure than the morning service and which normally is introduced by about half an hour of open prayer and praise, followed by a less formal look at some aspect of Bible teaching.

All these afternoons are child-friendly - but we try to encourage children to sit in on these rather than go out for activities. Our rationale is that we can live with a bit of noise, but we want the children to grow up in an atmosphere of praise, and to experience the transforming environment of God's felt presence.

For the time being, those wishing to take holy communion will need to attend the 3rd Sunday morning but we have plans to address this aspect of worship before the end of 2024.

Weekday expressions of corporate worship

There is an early morning prayer meeting for revival on Tuesdays at 6.15 am. Christians from other churches are very welcome to come to this. We meet for about an hour. 

We also meet every Friday at 7.30 pm. This is also largely for blessing and revival. And, over 2024 this event will be linked with the year of prayer organised by the Eastbourne Churches. This means we will be praying into other events planned for this year, such as the prayer-walks which John and Yvonne Pressdee are helping to organise. 

Click HERE to learn about other prayer events.

Home groups

Other weekly events include home groups which gather in a number of houses to pray and look at the Bible, as well as to build closer relationships in which we can share our lives together.

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