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Weekly Services

This page lists those events and services which might best be described as weekly 'whole church' activities - that is, events which the whole church is invited to attend on a weekly basis. They are not aimed at a particular age group, and they are not for a particular interest group. 

Click HERE for information on special services and particulars about Sunday morning series.

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Sunday Services

Our services start at 10.00 am every Sunday morning and usually last a little over an hour. There is also a meeting at 9.00 am for about a half-hour of prayer before each Sunday service.

Services for the first of the month are usually shorter; communion services longer.

Our services are fairly informal and flexible, based on the structure laid down in Common Worship.

Click HERE for recordings of recent sermons.

(And see below for a note on preaching at St Wilfrid's.)

First Sunday of the month

This is a service with visitors deliberately in mind. Sermons tend to be shorter and not part of a regular preaching series. The service is also lighter in terms of liturgy. We have a children's talk and may include a dramatic sketch or reading.

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Second, Fourth (and any Fifth) Sunday

These are services of 'Morning Prayer' which is simply the Church of England's name for a service where Holy Communion is not taken. We are still fairly informal, with contemporary worship. Sermons are usually about 20 to 25 minutes long and tend to follow a theme which is followed over a 6- to 12-week period.

Third Sunday

This is our service of Holy Communion which tends to be our most formal service. However, everyone is welcome to all our services, and this one is no less accessible, with the order of service displayed on screen or printed in a service booklet. Sermons tend to be under 20 minutes and, where the theme allows, more devotional in scope.

Mid-Week & Saturday Services

Tuesday Evenings at 7.00 pm,  from 11 September

On 11 September at 7.00 pm (soft start), in the upstairs room of St Wilfrid's Church, we begin a weekly meeting that will be relaxed and yet enable us to engage with the Bible, beginning with Luke's Gospel. There will be time for prayer too and some chat. And it will be interactive, although there will always be someone leading it.

Considering the location, but also mindful of the expectancy of those first disciples before Pentecost, we're calling this 'The Upper Room'. We anticipate that it will take us a year or more to systematically work through Luke. It's open to everyone, especially if you have no knowledge at all about these things and you want to explore what Christianity is about. So, whether you're from St Wilfs or another church or no church, this is something open to all.

Come along, and let's learn together, looking to the Holy Spirit as our teacher.

Friday Evenings at 7.30 pm,  from 21 September

From 21 September our prayer meetings at St Wilfrid's will be weekly rather than every fortnight, meeting on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.

Tim Visick, our Missions Co-ordinator, will still have a big part to play in leading these, and the timing will still be at 7.30 pm, running as follows: 

  • First Friday of month:  Evangelism and outreach*
  • Second Friday:             General prayer
  • Third Friday:                 General prayer
  • Final Friday:                  Revival prayer at Down's Valley

Where there are five Fridays in a month the fourth Friday will be devoted to missions (both home and overseas). That said, there will be time at all prayer meetings to pray for current and urgent issues not related to the theme of the prayer meeting.

For more information on Friday Mission prayer meetings, click HERE

*This includes individuals (family, friends, colleagues and neighbours) you wish to pray for.

Click HERE for a note about the preaching at St Wilfrid's.