Why Should I Follow Jesus? |

Why Should I Follow Jesus?

On this page are a number of short audio messages as well as links to other resources. And these have all been designed to help you discover Jesus Christ for yourself. And, probably the best place to start is by reading the short message "What is a Christian, and how do I become one?"

Lockdown is a time when many are rethinking their lives. So the messages which will appear from time to time pose the question: 'why should I follow Jesus?'

Please note: there's only a message connected with the audio title if you see "Click Here".

Written message:

What is a Christian, and how do I become one? Click HERE.

Audio messages:

Why should I follow Jesus? 

  • Because Jesus asks you to. Click HERE.
  • Because Jesus' way has meaning and purpose. Click HERE.
  • Because Jesus' way leads where you want to go. Click HERE

Video messages:

Click HERE for a series of 4 messages from Jon Hobbs related to God and the Coronavirus. Jon is Minister of Grace Church, Haywards Heath, and also Associate Trainer with the Sussex Gospel Partnership.

If you'd like to discuss spiritual issues, or, if you live in the Willingdon/Eastbourne area and would like to know how you could study the Bible with someone and discover Jesus for yourself, please contact Chris Styles by clicking the email link HERE.

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