Clergy and Church Council


Revd Chris Styles

Associate Minister

Revd Richard Herkes


 Chris Mason

 Sheila Reeve

Church Council

Chair: Chris Styles

Associate Minister: Richard Herkes

Wardens: Chris Mason, Sheila Reeve

Safeguarding Officer Gary Smith

Treasurer/Management Team: John Cheesman

Management Team: Barbara Minall 

Management Team: Yvonne Pressdee 

Lis Lawrence (1) 

Janet McRae  (2)

John Horne (3)

Sue Read (4)                   

Lindsay Smith (5)

MinutesHelen Barton

NB: Commencing with the future 2023 APCM there will always be two places available on PCC for people who wish to serve. Currently there are 5 members not ex officio, all serving 3 years concurrently. But in future these positions will last for one year. (However, if after one year nobody else is wanting to serve on PCC, then one or both members have the choice of continuing to serve.)

We also agreed at a previous APCM to allow an ex-officio status for Management Team members, while at the same time ensuring we had key roles represented on PCC (such as the Treasurer and Safeguarding Officer). 

The Management Team is a cross between a Wardens Meeting and a Standing Committee. We also agreed, in order to restrict the size of the PCC, that Synod Representatives will not carry ex-officio status.

All these measures were agreed at various APCMs during the years 2019-2021.


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