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Useful links for daily devotions

A particularly good resource which is fairly new, is Glen Scrivener's Between the Lines, Click HERE for the book, and also click HERE for the videos.

1. Bible reading plans to download from Ligonier Ministries: click HERE.

2. Keeping a prayer journal: click HERE.

3. Prayer Notebook: click HERE. *

4. Scripture memorisation:

Click HERE.

Click HERE.

Click HERE.

And texts for meditation: Click HERE

5. Devotional reading material:

·         Hymns and spiritual songs

·         Daily reading notes e.g. Daily Bread online: click HERE. 

·         Other devotional literature (even a book read slowly and meditatively). 

·         Commentaries (e.g. Matthew Henry, J C Ryle on the Gospels, The Bible Speaks Today series).

Matthew Henry online: click HERE.

J C Ryle online: click HERE. 

* It should be noted that there is no clear distinction between a prayer journal and a prayer notebook. We've distinguished them here for the sake of convenience.

A prayer notebook (or prayer list) may simply be a small book divided into seven sections which represent the days of the week. Each of these is then populated with people, things, and countries to pray for. That would be the simplest idea (perhaps with a column to record an answer to the specific prayer, where appropriate).

A prayer journal might be a bit more discursive and even organised like a regular journal (see for example David Brainerd's Journal, which is more or less a prayer journal); but even a journal would need a section - perhaps at the back (or a substantial bookmark) - where you can readily find who and what you are praying for.

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