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The Garden of Remembrance


Alterations to the

Garden of Remembrance


The PCC of St Wilfrid’s Church has been in discussion for some while over how best to maintain the Garden of Remembrance. We came to certain conclusions at our meeting of 17 November 2018, but felt we should do our best to give warning of what will result in a few changes to this area. As it is nearly impossible to contact everyone with a historical connection to the Garden, the following action was agreed:

For at least 4 weeks (including 4 Sundays), this notification will appear here and on our public notice boards, and be included in the weekly Church Notice Sheets. Could we also urge you (if this is relevant to you) to pass on this information to any persons you feel need to know about our intentions.

The Changes

At some point in 2019 we will be clearing plants (other than potted plants) from the plots in the Garden of Remembrance. We will then add a wooden border to the two sets of plots; level off the earth; lay down a weed-suppressing membrane; and then cover the membrane with a suitable material (probably grey slate). Memorial markers will be temporarily removed for this short period of time and then replaced.

We have sought professional advice for these alterations to the Garden, and will engage a respected professional to carry out the work.

None of the remains will be disturbed during this work. However, those with concerns should talk to the minister Chris Styles (; telephone: 01323 482088), or speak to one of the Wardens.

Our sole intention in undertaking this work is to respect the memory of the persons whose remains are interred in the Garden, and in so doing to honour God our Saviour.


Revd C J Styles,

On behalf of

St Wilfrid’s PCC