Sunday-at-4 Family Event

Sunday-at-4 is a fast-paced worship service with a fun element too.  It's designed to have something for every age. And, for those bits unsuitable for the very tiny ones, we have alternative arrangements such as simple crafts to keep them occupied. But there is no reason why a child of 6 or above (depending on the child) shouldn't be able to enjoy the entire event. 

These events run for about 40-50 minutes.

Sunday-at-4 (Future plans for other Sundays in the month)

Sunday-at-4 is in the planning stage. Although we will only have one family event, it's hoped that soon (early 2022) we will expand the times we meet. 

We will probably only build up gradually to going weekly. But these other events will be fairly informal times of worship and would be the natural next step for those coming to the family event and who want something more. 

Watch this space for more news.

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