Sunday at 4


SUNDAY23rd February at 4.00 pm

This is our monthly family service, and it's a fast paced worship service with a fun element too.  It's designed to have something for every age. And, for those bits unsuitable for the very tiny ones, we have alternative arrangements such as simple crafts to keep them occupied. But there is no reason why a child of 6 or above (depending on the child) shouldn't be able to enjoy the entire event. 

We start off with a kiddies slot where children can sing and have something appropriate for them. We then move on into songs (some we all sing and some the band sing) - and among other things - dynamic readings; a short and simple message bringing out the main theme; and a reflective time of prayer before we revisit one of the rip-roaring kiddies sons. It's a real and meaningful worship time without being complex. 

February 23rd will be our 8th such event and we'd like to invite you to come along whatever your age or family status. 

We are in the early planning stages of expanding what we do of a Sunday afternoon so that eventually, perhaps, there will  be something every Sunday at 4. But there will probably only be one such family event. Watch this space for more news.