John Stott and the daily devotion time

According to Stephen Gaukroger, in his book Hunger for Holiness (Scripture Union 1992, pages 45-46), John Stott gave an interesting response to the question,

"When you get down on your knees and pray to God, how do you feel about your relationship with Him? What happens to you?"

Here's his answer:

"When I kneel and close my eyes, it’s like finding myself against a brick wall. For quite some time as I pray and read the Bible, I feel as if I’m blindly groping my way along this wall, desperately trying to find some way into God’s presence. For a while, it’s just terrible! I feel as if I’m just going through the motions of prayer. But suddenly I get to a point, after a while, of praying and praising and reading the Scriptures, where it’s as though my hand comes on the door handle of a huge door; it swings open in front of me and I burst through into a glorious sunshine beyond. At that point, I know I’m in the presence of God."

Gaukroger comments:

"John Stott says that it takes time to find the door into God's presence, and that the key to unlock it is the key of fixing the mind, will and spirit on the one goal of hearing God. It means getting to the point of saying, 'Lord, I want to hear from you, and I'm now ready to receive whatever you have to say.' Stott adds that, until he does reach that point, everything else he says is just empty words, because he's not really ready to accept what God wants to say to him."

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