Easter Meditations


Once you have listened to Meditation 7 below, you may like to listen to a reflection on the burial of Jesus, as seen from our time in lockdown.

 When Creation Held Its Breath

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 Richard Herkes

Nine Day Easter Meditations

For an accompanying sheet for the 9-part series, please click HERE.

 Easter Meditation 1: Saturday 4 April 2020

 The Calm Before the Storm

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 2: Sunday 5 April 2020

 The Divine Visitation

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 3: Monday 6 April 2020

 The Die is Cast

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 4:  Tuesday 7 April 2020

 When Two Worlds Collide

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 5:  Wednesday 8 April 2020

 Taking Sides

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 6: Thursday 9 April 2020

 Going Through with God's Plan

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 7:  Friday 10 April 2020


 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 8: Saturday 11 April 2020

 Is It Finished?

 Chris Styles

 Easter Meditation 9: Sunday 12 April 2020

 Christ vindicated, eternal life made available

 Chris Styles