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Bible Reading Plans

There are a number of Bible reading plans that can be downloaded (see for instance on the Ligonier website). There are also Bibles that are organised in such a way that one may read several set portions per day (not unlike a lectionary). An example of the latter is the “Bible in One Year” (click HERE). 

It’s important to find out what suits your own lifestyle. Many reading plans expect you to read a certain amount every day in order to get through the Bible in a year (or some other specified time). This approach doesn’t work for everyone. Some have found that they feel guilty if they miss a day, and then to make up the readings adds quite a burden to an already heavy schedule.  

We’re going to suggest here that you use a more flexible method. Click HERE for a list of the books of the Bible and the individual chapters. This simple tick-box approach allows you to read as you wish. However, we have taken the liberty of leading a little by suggesting that you read an Old Testament portion and a chapter of the Gospels one day; and a psalm and a portion of the rest of the New Testament the next day. It's up to you. However, following the suggested option does at least mean you won’t be bogged down in something that isn’t helping you much. Not everyone thrills at the prospect of reading Leviticus or even Job. This way, you are never far from the words of Jesus or the Apostles. 

While we are on the subject of biblical diet, here is an alternative which someone we know well finds particularly helpful. The first reading is the primary reading and the second usually comprises of a short section of the Gospels or a short Psalm (or section of a Psalm). 

The beauty of this system is that there is no worry about how long it takes to read each section. The Gospels and Psalms are being read regularly and forming the main part of your diet. Also, Wisdom and Lamentations don't get left for over a year before being read, and at least once a week you're in the Epistles and Acts or Revelation. This is a preacher's plan so Sunday doesn't always get done - but with the amount of time given to Psalms and Gospels the rest of the week you aren't coming short on either of those. 

Sunday:              1. Psalms                   2. Gospels

Monday:             1. Prophets               2. Gospels

Tuesday:             1. Gospels                  2. Psalms

Wednesday:       1. OT Other*              2. Gospels

Thursday:            1. Epistles                   2. Psalms

Friday:                  1. Acts/Rev**            2. Psalms

Saturday:             1. Wisdom/Lam***  2. Gospels

However, if you have never read the Bible through from cover to cover, we suggest you do that first. After that you can begin to be a bit more creative in your reading.  

Happy reading!

*OT Other means: Genesis to Esther inclusive

**Acts/Rev means: The book of Acts and the book of Revelation

***Wisdom/Lam. means: Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Lamentations

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