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Sunday Sermons 2019

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Talks at Worship services for the First of the Month (marked FM below), and on special occasions, are not usually part of a series.

CURRENT SERIES: Conversion - as demonstrated in the saving of the Roman Centurion, and Gentile, Cornelius, on the occasion of his hearing the gospel preached; the use of this 'model conversion' at the 1st Ecumenical and only Apostolic Church Council, to prove that salvation is by grace, through faith; and its further demonstrating that the only 'seal' of salvation in the New Testament is the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit (commonly called the 'New Birth', or baptism in the Holy Spirit) which is a supernatural operation by God on the believing heart.


 Bible Passage



 17 Feb 2019

 Acts 10:44 - 11:18 with Ephesians 1:13-14

 Power of Conversion


 10 Feb 2019

 Acts 10:34-43 (esp. 36); with 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

 Words of Conversion


 03 Feb 2019

 FM: Luke 2:39-52

 The Boy Jesus and his Father


 27 Jan 2019

 Acts 10:23-35 (1 Timothy 1:12-17)

 Objects of Conversion


 20 Jan 2019

 Acts 10:9-29

 Agents of Conversion


 13 Jan 2019

 Acts 10:1-8

 Prelude to Conversion


 06 Jan 2019

 FM: Matthew 4:19 (with Luke 5:1-11)

 The Promise of Conversions


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