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Some Big Questions...

On four Sundays between now and Easter we are attempting to get our heads round some of life’s biggest questions, and see how the Bible helps us to address them.


18 February      Could a loving God send people to hell?

25 February      Can we prove the existence of God?

11 March           Why such suffering in a world made by God?

18 March            Is Jesus the only way to God?

Messy Church at Easter

On 25 March (Palm Sunday) we’ll be taking a lead from our highly popular Christmas Carol Service, only this time with the emphasis on Easter. We start with Messy Church at 2.30 pm in the hall; then go into the church for an Easter presentation**; then return to the hall for refreshments (including hot cross buns).

**There’ll be a procession, songs for all ages, a couple of readings, a sketch, and a short talk.