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We are running two short series up to the end of November.

The first of these will begin on the 17th September and will explore some of the promises of God. Throughout this series we are being encouraged to take Bible meditation of selected verses and passages seriously. These won't be the normal type of expository preaching we are used to here at St Wilfrid's.

The second series, which will follow on from this, will be a short series on the prophet Jonah. As we proceed through this fascinating book, we will want to have in the back of our minds the statement of Jesus that he was a sign to his generation (and every generation since then) in much the same way that Jonah was a sign to his generation. What did Jesus mean by that?

That will take us up to Advent.

All-Age Worship services, which take place on the first Sunday of each month, are not generally part of a series.

Click HERE for recordings of the sermons as they become available.