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Our May Mission: Real Life' (11th to 20th May, 2018)

For more information about the events happening during 'Real Life', click HERE.

Sundays during the Mission period

Some of our members will be at the Bandstand in Eastbourne on the 13th May (for a HOPE event); and on the 13th our main meeting will be a Mission event at 6pm; and on the 20th the main event will be at 4pm.

However, there will still be morning meetings at 10am. Over those two Sundays and the Sunday following we will be running a short series on Romans 8 which coincides with Pentecost season:

Living in the Spirit: Sins power broken - Romans 8:1-4. The law promised life but only brought death. But Paul shows us how God has delivered us from the condemnation of God's perfect law and has granted us life by the gospel (13 May, 10am).

Living in the Spirit: the realm of the Spirit - In the light of Pentecost, how should a Christian, who by definition is someone indwelt by the Holy Spirit, live. How does the truth of the gospel work with the Holy Spirit to bring about a new way of living (20 May, 10am)?

Living in the Spirit: Obligations to mortification - How do we co-operate with the Spirt so as to see sin checked without coming back under the same old legalism that Paul says we're free of (27 May, 10am)?